The Daily Knight #2 – A Star Wars Christmas

The Daily Knight #2 – A Star Wars Christmas

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Show Notes

This is The Daily Knight for Thursday, December 3, 2015. This episode is brought to you by GeekSwag, original geek art and paraphernalia. Check us out at or our Facebook page at I’m your host, Gerardo San Diego, and let’s go straight to the Christmas song….

12 Days of Star Wars Christmas T-shirt and Song

On the twelfth day of (Star Wars) Christmas, my Jedi gave to me….

  • Twelve troopers aiming
  • Eleven mynocks clinging
  • Ten siths a-seething
  • Nine wampas freezing
  • Eight TIEs exploding
  • Seven Sarlaccs Sleeping
  • Six Sabers Swinging
  • Five…Boba…Fetts!
  • Four Tantive IVs
  • Three trench runs
  • Two Death Stars
  • And a Yoda in a cave tree….



  1. We’re giving away the 12 Days of Star Wars Christmas t-shirts on Force Awakens Weekend! Stay tuned for more info, but it will coincide with the 7 to VII trivia questions on GeekSwag’s Facebook page (see poster below).
  2. I’m singing the tune so you can hear it as I heard it in my mind.

7 to VII Trivia Questions

While we’re all waiting in line to see The Force Awakens, GeekSwag will auto-post a new Star Wars trivia question every 7 minutes, beginning at 2pm Pacific time on Thursday, Dec. 17 until we run out of questions, right around 11pm Pacific time. I’ve already written 35 A New Hope questions and have more to write just from that movie, so we’ll probably have around 120 total questions, probably more. Here’s the teaser poster:


My Force Awakens Hopes

  • Fun
  • Teamwork
  • Good guys win
  • I want to feel good as a human being after seeing the movie
  • Great music
  • The idea of farm boy innocence in a new character
  • Potential for redemption for the antagonist (Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma?)
  • Awesome Luke


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