Justice League: Humanity

Justice League: Humanity

Justice League: Humanity

What kind of Justice League movie do I want to see with the current actors already cast? It would be called Justice League: Humanity

– where Superman has accepted the fact that he is literally a god, is aware of every crisis on Earth, and has chosen to shut himself down emotionally in order to best serve the universe. His story arc would be his finding a way to feel again while still doing as much good as possible.

– where Batman optimizes his efficiency to the point where he is a sociopathic automaton, acting as judge, jury and executioner in order to cut out the middle man, due process, which he thinks just gets in the way. His would be analogous to corporate CEOs and their laser focus on profitability, but his focus would be on swift justice. His story arc would involve finding a flaw in this method, and also finding balance between efficiency and humanity. His would be similar to Rorschach, except there would be a light at the end of the tunnel.

– where Wonder Woman would begin with a disdain for the society outside of Themyscira, especially America, and she would be constantly questioning the methods of this new society, especially its patriarchal tendencies. Her story arc would involve learning, understanding, accepting, but continuing to try to change the new society for the better.

– where The Flash’s Barry Allen is continually trying to balance his superhero life with married life, to Iris West, trying to be a good human and living a “normal” life but struggling with the power and knowledge that he could get more done if he simply went faster. His story arc would involve finding a solution to speed vs. normal.

– where Cyborg would be the ingenue, the young learner, and the whole story would be from his innocent point of view. He would constantly be cataloguing the daily actions of these superheroes while tempering that data with the human condition, to try to find a balance between how a machine operates and how a man lives his daily life. His story arc would be similar to The Vision’s in Age of Ultron or Data in Star Trek, always trying to decide which is the best path to take in order to do the most good. He would continually be comparing himself to Batman, the man who would be machine.

– where Aquaman is the Easy Rider of the group, the chaos bringer, the undependable, inconsistent piece to the puzzle. His unpredictability is both a blessing and a curse, and it drives both the good guys and the bad guys crazy, and sometimes even wins the big fights. He wouldn’t really have a story arc, because his wouldn’t be as much a character as an idea and a catalyst for the others to bounce off of. His chaos balances out everyone else’s quest for balance, sanity and understanding.

– where the villain(s) would be a chimera and a chameleon, much like John Doe was in Seven. The villain(s) would create conflicts that would ultimately present solutions to each of the heroes’ personal conflicts. Problems that need to be solved by first solving the self.

By the end of the movie, there would be no deaths, only banishment and self-imposed exile for some of the heroes. This would serve to make room for other characters’ story arcs as well as act as a pseudo-reboot for the series that would hopefully bring a freshness to the next movie.





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