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Justice League Movie on Home Video: I REALLY LIKED IT!!!
Justice League Movie on Home Video: I REALLY LIKED IT!!!

Justice League Movie on Home Video: I REALLY LIKED IT!!!

Justice League Movie on Home Video: I REALLY LIKED IT!!!


Making Biscuits Cat Rescue: makingbiscuits.org
Making Biscuits Wish List: http://amzn.to/1XHjVC4

Internet Architect: internetarchitect.org

Internet Architect is a Downey, California based web consultancy, specializing in content creation, curation and web architecture. We consult with small to medium businesses to help set up their websites, create their online brand, and promote their projects on the Internet. If you have an idea for a website, or already have a website but would like a second opinion, contact us:

Phone: (562) 396-5778
Email: info@internetarchitect.org
Facebook: facebook.com/internetarchitect



Donate to Making Biscuits Cat Rescue

If you enjoyed this and want to donate to a good cause, please consider sending a PayPal gift of any amount to Making Biscuits Cat Rescue. Even if you donate JUST ONE DOLLAR, that dollar will buy a can of food that a rescuer can feed a stray cat, or help get the cat in a humane trap so it can be taken to an animal hospital to be checked out medically and spayed/neutered. Just one dollar will help prevent unnecessary kittens being born and help with controlling overpopulation. If you give just one dollar, you’ll feel good about yourself. Promise.

About Making Biscuits Cat Rescue

Making Biscuits is a cat rescue started in June of 2009 in an effort to humanely reduce the overpopulation of stray and feral cats. Adoptable cats are spayed/neutered, defleaed, dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, given veterinary care including, when necessary, seen by a veterinary specialist (i.e., dental, eye, etc.), fed premium food and loved immensely. Making Biscuits feels very strongly about the role nutrition plays in the long-term health of our cats and whenever possible, educates pet owners. We advocate spay and neuter and often help people in the Long Beach and surrounding areas with their own pets as well as strays by loaning traps and cages, humanely trapping, defleaing/deworming, teaching bottle feeding, providing information about area clinics, veterinarians, behaviorists and all other aspects of cat parenting.

If you’re on Amazon, you can also send Making Biscuits a gift from their wish list:

Or go here and select “Making Biscuits Cat Rescue” as your charity of choice (it costs you NOTHING, Amazon will donate a % of THEIR profits to the charity):

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