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LOGAN Movie Spoiler Review – The Daily Knight #60
LOGAN Movie Spoiler Review – The Daily Knight #60

LOGAN Movie Spoiler Review – The Daily Knight #60

LOGAN movie review

LOGAN Movie Spoiler Review – The Daily Knight #60


(As soon as I left the theater I wrote the paragraphs below.)

I think about this movie and I tremble. About the consequences of past sins and how elusive happiness can be. About a future that is in our hands to mold or destroy, and a future that is so mired in fog and apprehension that sometimes it’s not even worth considering.

I think about the confusion of youth, how as children we are literally thrown into a world that we are forced to understand, survive in, adapt to, assimilate to. I think about the frustration of old age, about confusion, futility, about anticipating and then steadily watching your own mind wither away, until the people around you have no choice but to become your necessary limbs.

I think about the people caught in the middle of all this, those who are still young enough to hope but old enough to regret. About the tugs of war that happen within a person’s heart regardless of their age, about choosing to care for the weak or choosing to care for oneself, or being forced to do both.

I just saw Logan, and the first part of my written review is above. This is a perfect movie. No matter who you are, go see it.


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