The Daily Knight #6 – Comics: Dark Knight III, Civil War, Netflix, Shattered Empire, Brian K. Vaughan, The Wolverine movie

The Daily Knight #6 – Comics: Dark Knight III, Civil War, Netflix, Shattered Empire, Brian K. Vaughan, The Wolverine movie

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Show Notes

This is The Daily Knight for Tuesday, December 8, 2015. This episode is brought to you by GeekSwag, original geek art and paraphernalia. Check us out at or our Facebook page at I’m your host, Gerardo San Diego, and today I’ll focus on Marvel, DC, Image and other comic books and comic book-related topics….

In the News

  • Marvel & Netflix’s Iron Fist Lands Scott Buck as Showrunner
    Scott Buck (Dexter, Six Feet Under); Will Madam Gao make an appearance? Both Luke Cage and Iron Fist are scheduled to debut in 2016–does this mean we get THREE Netflix series next year (Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist)? * What I’m hoping will be fun will be the crossovers–Nuke’s big fight with Daredevil, will Madam Gao return to fight Iron Fist, will they introduce the Born Again storyline where Foggy becomes an important subplot and winds up in his own adventures with Luke Cage and Iron Fist?
  • Netflix Heroes’ Inclusion In “Avengers: Infinity War” Would Be “Complicated”
    IMHO, be better to keep the different shows within their own space for now (4 Netflix shows, MCU, TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. having tough time keeping up with the other shows).

Dark Knight III: The Master Race
Very anticipated comic book, over 70 variant covers. I finally got to read issue #1, and it’s kinda meh but I’m reserving judgment until I finish reading the series. I might wait until the final issue is released and read all 8 issues at once, but that’ll be tough to wait that long.

Civil War 2007 (comic series) vs. Captain America: Civil War (movie)

I don’t know if reading the comic series will matter before watching the Civil War movie; role of Spider-Man diminished or even changed completely for the movie? Tip: sign-up for Marvel Unlimited ($10/month) and read up on old issues of Civil War, including the tie-in issues, including the Death of Captain America with Crossbones.

Star Wars: Shattered Empire

Very quick read, each issue is a different adventure with the legend heroes (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie); Main character is Shara Bey, who is married to Kes Dameron (recognize the last name?) Except for that little hint, no big spoilers but a good introduction to the Force Awakens. (I’m also reading/trying to read/trying to finish “Lost Stars” audiobook by Claudia Gray–where we get to learn how that downed Star Destroyer wound up on Jakku).

Brian K. Vaughan

The Wolverine (2013), Revisited


  • Second time watching it and paying attention to it
  • What I missed before: Yukio saying “I didn’t see him die”; Mariko being a knife throwing medal winner
  • The brother, icky boyfriend, father, and grandfather–it got confusing as to who wanted what from whom, and why
  • If no healing ability, why doesn’t his body reject the adamantium in his bones?
  • Was he truly a mortal, or was his healing ability simply hindered by the spider bug thing around his heart?
  • So…Wolverine is awesome at healing except for Viper’s venoms?
  • Was Yashida “sucking” the immortality from Wolverine, like a blood transfusion? Is it that easy?
  • I never like it when the hero gets bailed out at the last second by someone throwing a knife and hitting the bad guy in the back.


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