The Daily Knight #16 – Who is Rey? And What Would Disney Do?

The Daily Knight #16 – Who is Rey? And What Would Disney Do?


Different theories on Rey, how Disney may or may not affect character development and marketing.

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This is The Daily Knight for Friday, January 1, 2016. This episode is brought to you by GeekSwag, original geek art and paraphernalia. Check us out at or our Facebook page at I’m your host, Gerardo San Diego, and today let’s talk about Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens….

* Before I begin, did anyone catch that quick moment at the beginning when Rey was cleaning her scavenged pieces, and she looks over at the old woman who was also cleaning her own scavenged pieces? That 3-second segment said a whole chapter of Rey’s backstory and longing!

Who Is Rey?

  • Luke Skywalker’s daughter?
    • Why would Luke abandon his own 5-6 year old daughter?
    • How did she forget her own father?
    • Where’s the mother?
  • Related to Obi-Wan Kenobi?
    • It would expand the universe a little and help to create new avenues to pursue outside the Skywalker family.
    • Could tie in with the upcoming Obi-Wan anthology movie.
    • Obi-Wan “feels” like royalty. Good excuse to bring back Ewan McGregor.
  • Immaculate conception like Anakin?
    • If yes, who is the mother?
  • Is Rey a clone?
  • Is she Anakin Skywalker reborn/reincarnated, the “Chosen One”?
    • If this were true, will this make us regard the previous six movies differently?
    • Just like Jean Grey/Phoenix, does it matter if even the “Chosen One” dies anymore, since there’s always a possibility of coming back? Is the whole thing cyclical like The Matrix?
  • Han and Leia’s forgotten daughter?
    • “Han was the father she never had.” Is that a hint?
    • Did Luke mind wipe Rey, Leia and Han at the same time?
    • That would explain the sibling rivalry between Kylo and Rey.
  • Born of human parents but not related to the core characters?
  • Was she a Sith creation that didn’t turn out to be dark, which is why they dropped her off on Jakku?

Notable Points That People Have Brought Up

  • By making Rey be Luke’s daughter, since Kylo/Ben is already Han and Leia’s kid, you would be making the Star Wars universe SMALLER instead of bigger. Remember that the SW universe already got smaller when it was revealed that Vader is Luke’s father, and when Luke and Leia are twins. And when Anakin created C-3PO (was there a reason for this in the first place?)
  • Was Anakin Skywalker even mentioned in The Force Awakens? Is there an unspoken rule at Disney right now to not mention Anakin, or else we remember Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen’s performances? If so, then the Anakin reincarnation or cloning is out. And if so, is Snoke just another bad guy and NOT Darth Plagueis, as is often speculated? Because bringing up Darth Plagueis means we have to refer back to Revenge of the Sith, where Palpatine and Anakin had a conversation while watching that weird musical.

What Would Disney Do?

  • Kathleen Kennedy stressed that Star Wars is the story of the Skywalker family. Was that a hint as to Rey’s lineage?
  • If Leia was a princess, and Luke is her brother, in some way Luke is a prince. If Rey is Luke’s daughter, that would make Rey a princess, and that would be perfectly fine with Disney marketing;)
  • Making Rey be related to Obi-Wan or taking it in a surprising direction will require additional exposition which may slow down the storytelling. As we’ve seen in The Force Awakens, time is a premium.
  • Making Rey be Han and Leia’s daughter, and the three of them being mind wiped to forget it happened might be too weird a direction for Disney. And also additional explanation and exposition that doesn’t really push the story along.
  • Bottom line is if it’s too complicated and too difficult to explain to a young person, I think Disney/Lucasfilm won’t do it.
  • The shortest route with the easiest explanation and incorporates and cleanly explains everything that we’ve seen so far in all seven Star Wars movies is that Rey is probably Luke’s daughter, conceived the old-fashioned, traditional way. Her mom, much like many Disney stories with single parents (Cinderella, Brave, Toy Story, Finding Nemo) died/disappeared either at birth or when she was very young, which makes us root for her even more.

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