The Daily Knight #22 – The Remains of the Rey

The Daily Knight #22 – The Remains of the Rey


Is Rey Han and Leia’s daughter after all? Agent Carter Season 2, X-files, Star Wars and Marvel movies forever, The Remains of the Day

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About the Title of This Episode

A play on “The Remains of the Day” and The Force Awakens’ Rey character.


  • Star Wars and Marvel movies forever
  • New Rey theory – she’s Han and Leia’s kid!
  • Batman v Superman’s Darkseid omega symbol
  • Agent Carter Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2
    • Zero Matter – same as in Agents of SHIELD?
    • Great characters – Whitney Frost, Dottie Underwood, Dr. Jason Wilkes, and Ana Jarvis (Jarvis’ wife was AWESOME!)
  • The Man from UNCLE movie, Will Smith’s Focus, Ocean’s 12
    • How all three movies were enamored with their gimmicks, snappy dialogue, and colorful characters.
    • Better alternative: The Losers (with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Zoe Saldana) or most James Bond movies.
    • Ron Howard’s Rush
  • X-files mini-series, Episodes 1 and 2
  • The Remains of the Day
    • When I first saw it decades ago, I thought it was about unrequited love between Mr. Stevens and Miss Kenton. But watching it again, it’s more of a cautionary tale against tunnel vision, close-mindedness, and denial.
    • Was it a cautionary tale about:
      • being married to your job
      • living in quiet desperation
      • not knowing what’s happening in the world
      • denial – Stevens went out of his way to not know what Lord Darlington was doing or why he was doing it (sympathizing with the Nazis, firing the Jewish girls)


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