The Daily Knight #30 – Batman, Superman and the DC Universe: Where’s the Confidence, Fun and Hope?

The Daily Knight #30 – Batman, Superman and the DC Universe: Where’s the Confidence, Fun and Hope?


Batman v Superman, Forecasting the DC Universe Future

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Batman v Superman Show Notes

  • Batman v Superman still made a ton of money in its first weekend, $166 million domestic, $254 overseas.
  • Where is Justice League headed?
  • Eisenberg’s Luthor–should he be in any more DC movies?
  • Do we trust Superman?
  • Do we care what happens to any of the characters?
  • Are we confident in Batman?
  • Where’s the fun?
  • Intro to Justice League–Flash and Wonder Woman were good but Aquaman and Cyborg sequences sucked.
  • Iron Man made us want a BIGGER movie so we got Avengers. It got too serious so we got Ant-Man. It got too supernatural so we got Captain America: Civil War that brought it down to earth. We’re not getting that with DC movies–they’re disjointed.
  • Christopher Reeve = HOPE. Michael Keaton = Confidence. Christian Bale = Utility (getting the job done). I’m not feeling these emotions with Batman v Superman.
  • When was the last good, solid, universally-accepted DC movie?
  • What will the 3-hour R-rate version bring?
  • Darkseid in the new “Communion” video?



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