The Daily Knight #35 – Game of Thrones “The Red Woman” Review, “Moonlighting Syndrome” in Movies and TV

The Daily Knight #35 – Game of Thrones “The Red Woman” Review, “Moonlighting Syndrome” in Movies and TV

Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere, “Moonlighting Syndrome” in shows, Doctor Strange casting, The Killing Joke, Jason Bourne, X-Men: Apocalypse trailers, WHIH mock news channel leading up to Captain America: Civil War

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This is The Daily Knight for Wednesday, April 27, 2016. The Daily Knight supports Making Biscuits Cat Rescue, a 501c3 charity. If you like this podcast, please consider making a donation or adopting a rescue cat at I’m your host, Gerardo San Diego, and today I’m going to talk about the Game of Thrones season premiere and “Moonlighting Syndrome”….

Game of Thrones, Season 6 Premiere “The Red Woman”

  • Aliser Thorne and his men killed Jon Snow, Melisandre visits while Ser Davos protects Snow’s body
  • Eddison Tollett going to get help from the Wildlings
  • Ramsay Bolton: “Buried, burned…she’s good meat. Feed her to the hounds.”
  • Roose Bolton puts a little fear in Ramsay Bolton
  • Brienne and Podrick save the day for Sansa and Theon
  • Looks like Stannis Baratheon is truly dead–Brienne killed him.
  • (I keep forgetting that Ramsay Bolton is now living in Winterfell.)
  • Cersei finds Myrcella has been murdered–double whammy after her haircut and shame, shame, shame moment.
  • Red Witch predicted Cersei’s 3 children would die–is Tommen next?
  • Doran Martell is killed by Ellaria Sand.
  • Trystan Martell is killed by Obara Sand (badly!) “You’re a greedy bitch, you know that?”
  • Tyrion and Lord Varys take a walk through Mereen unprotected–are they doing this to flush out the leader of the Sons of the Harpy?
  • Margery Tyrell is still in prison, chastised by Shame, Shame, Shame lady, then talks to High Sparrow.
  • Ser Jorah finds Daenerys’ ring, needle in a haystack moment but then again there was a clear spot of grass in the middle of the horse-trodden grass.
  • Daenerys taken to Dothraki camp. Dothraki wives don’t like her, wants her head cut off.
  • Khal Moro is about to take Daenerys when she identifies herself.
  • Since Khal Drogo died, Daenerys now has to live with the widows of the dead Khals.
  • Blind Arya gets her first blind fighting lesson.
  • Melisandre shows her real self.
  • “What’s one redhead going to do against 40 men?”
    “You haven’t seen her do what I’ve seen her do.”


Marvel defends Doctor Strange casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One

The Killing Joke trailer

  • Joker and his victims are super creepy, hard for me to look at it.
  • But overall trailer was kinda underwhelming, felt disjointed and pieced together.

Jason Bourne trailer

  • Alicia Vikander(!), Paul Greengrass, Julia Stiles, Tommy Lee Jones.
  • Vegas car chase looks epic and typical of a Bourne “realistic” action sequence.

X-Men: Apocalypse final trailer

  • People screaming into the camera
  • Not as good as previous trailer
  • Looks like they muted Apocalypse’s purpleness
  • Jennifer Lawrence looks bored
  • Nice Wolverine sneak peek at the end

WHIH News Channel on YouTube shows mock news reports that lead up to Captain America: Civil War — these are GREAT!


“Moonlighting Syndrome” in Nerd Culture Movies and TV Shows

What is “Moonlighting” Syndrome:

Snippet from above web page: Many believe that the decision to let the main characters get together in Moonlighting is what caused a decline in the quality of the show, creating the term “Moonlighting Syndrome” for when the audience loses interest in the main pairing when the they finally become a couple.  However, by displaying a constant “will they or won’t they” theme, writers risk alienating viewers.

  • Big Bang Theory (Leonard and Penny)
  • Agents of SHIELD (Skye/Daisy and Grant Ward and Lincoln Campbell)
  • The Flash (Barry Allen and Iris West and Patty Spivot, Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond and Jay Garrick)
  • The Empire Strikes Back (Han and Leia)
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Finn and Rey)
  • Scorpion (Walter and Paige)
  • X-Files (Scully and Mulder)
  • Iron Man (Tony Stark and Pepper Potts), Captain America (Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter), Thor (Thor and Jane Foster), Hulk (Bruce Banner and Betty Ross), Ant-Man (Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne)



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