Justice League Trailer Written Response

Justice League Trailer Written Response

Justice League Trailer Written Response

The new Justice League trailer came out this morning. This was my written response to one of the Facebook posts:


If you look at the most critically acclaimed superhero movies, beginning from the first Christopher Reeve Superman, one aspect is strong with most/all of them: at least one of the main characters is kind.

Reeve’s Superman had a kindness that at least in my opinion doesn’t exist in any of the Supermen that came after him. Cavill looks like he’s trying to “act” kind and caring, but I just don’t buy it. We had to wait decades later and jump to the Marvel universe to see that kindness repeated with Captain America.

* (Some parts of Man of Steel, esp with both of Superman’s fathers, had touches of kindness, so they get half-credit.)

Guardians of the Galaxy is oozing with it, and that was wildly successful.

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight’s anchor was Michael Caine’s Alfred, and his taking care of Bruce felt genuine. Even Bruce Wayne’s dad, in the short scenes with the stethoscope, had genuine kindness. Morgan Freeman’s voice is automatically comforting and supportive.

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 2 was also oozing with it, including Doc Oc’s redemption scene. And of course, Aunt May’s speech of the century.

Iron Man had Yentsin’s death scene.

Avengers had Cap America’s sacrifice with the people in the building, and Iron Man’s nuclear suicide flight.

In Dawn of Justice, the logistics of Superman’s death was plain stupid and convoluted.

In both Thor movies, not a lot of feels. All the gods looked like they knew they were gods.

The Black Panther, I think, has the potential to ooze with kindness, and Chadwick Boseman’s cradling his father combined with his empathy toward Zemo at the end is a good indication that his standalone movie is going to be a hit as well as critically embraced.

In terms of X-men movies, Logan cornered the market with Patrick Stewart’s performance–his was the most believable, sincere, vulnerable, HUMAN, out of all the X-men movies.

Deadpool’s dysfunctional characters’ kindness toward one another felt real–how the married couple lamented over Wade’s cancers, Wade with the blind lady–even if it wasn’t traditional kindness, it felt genuine in an effed up way.

So far, I haven’t seen this kindness in Batman v. Superman, and most of Man of Steel, especially since Amy-frickin-Adams was Lois Lane! Talk about missed opportunity! It’s like Zack Snyder doesn’t know how to feel like a human being, so he just kinda skips that part in his movies and instead gives us a vapid light show. He did the same with the abusive scenes in Watchmen–absolutely no empathy towards Silk Spectre’s plight. 300 was just an armed forces training video with spears. And Sucker Punch turned pedophilia and mysogyny into a video game.

Technically and visually, Justice League is near flawless. But when it comes to humanity, it feels hollow. Justice League feels like the exact opposite of Logan. You can’t hire a heartless robot to write and perform a Johnny Cash song.





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